Gifts Tailored to You

Are you tired of giving flowers or chocolates to loved ones or friends? Are you looking for something unique to say thank you?

Nothing says thank you more than saving someone the time and hassle of cleaning their home or office. No matter what the occasion, at Melbourne City Cleaners we have that perfect gift to meet your needs.

Make Someone Feel Special Today

Is Dad and Mum looking a little tired? Are you or a loved one celebrating the birth of a new family member?

Making someone happy doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. When you purchase our amazing gift voucher, you can give someone a precious gift - which is TIME. This is exactly what our cleaning gift vouchers allow our clients to do. Allow your loved ones to put their feet up and let us do what we do best and rejuvenate their home.

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Melbourne City Cleaners' Gift Voucher

Finding that perfect present no longer needs to be a challenge. Call Melbourne City Cleaners today on 03 8616 0781 and our friendly customer service representative can help you find the perfect package for your friend, family member or your best employee.


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